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About Us

About Us

                                                                            SAINIK SCHOOL TAWANG

Sainik School Tawang is a Day cum Residential School approved under the Sainik School Society, New Delhi in 2022, is a prominent educational Institution affiliated with the CBSE Board. Located in the picturesque town of Tawang, It aims to groom young minds for a good citizen, for a career in Administrative sector as well as in the armed forces.

In its inaugural year, the school welcomed its first batch of 36 students, consisting of 24 boys and 12 girls, hailing from various corners of India. These students were selected through the All India Sainik School Entrance Examination (AISSEE) conducted by the NTA, New Delhi.

The School’s academic structure is comprehensive, with seven periods a day and evening study sessions that commence at 5pm.

The day starts with drill and physical training starting at 5:45am as per the school’s timetable. These activities are an integral part of the students daily routine, helping them build physical fitness and instill discipline. Morning assembly from 8:15am to 8:35am, fostering a sense of discipline and unity among the students.

Regular classes run from 9:40am to 1:35pm, ensuring a rigorous academic regimen.

The teaching staff at Sainik School Tawang is well-trained, having undergone training under the Indian Institute of teacher Education (IITE) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The curriculum is structed to cover academics on a month-wise basis, focusing not only on traditional subjects but also on Value-based and Skill-based education.

The School encourages holistic development through various extracurricular activities, including House-wise competitions such as drawing, Extempore Speaking, quizzes, essay writing, solo song and group singing and group dance.

Students can join like Art club, Eco club, book club, sports club, library club and music club, allowing them to explore their interests beyond academics.

Sports play a significant role in the School’s culture, with house-wise competitions in football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, athletics, and badminton. The morning assembly includes activities like Prayers, pledges, student talks, daily reflections, news updates, poetry recitations, community songs, and Interactions with teachers, concluding with the national anthem.

Sainik School Tawang places great importance on discipline and safety, with committees such as the school management Committee, Discipline Committee, POCSO Committee, Sexual Harassment committee, Anti-raging committee and parent-teacher meeting committee in place to ensure the well-being and development of its students. 


                                                    TAWANG PUBLIC SCHOOL


 Located in the enchanting mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, in the pastoral place of Tawang. Tawang Public School is in the completion of almost 3 decades of exceeding expectations in the field of education. Carving out a niche for itself by bringing in values and concepts of education, the school has made a name for itself in Arunachal Pradesh. 

 Now that Tawang Public School has been approved as New Sainik School in Arunachal Pradesh w.e.f from academic year 2022-2023, it has brought a feeling of proximity among the people of Arunachal with the mainland Indians. Since it is located near the border of China it has given a platform for patriotic feeling. The localities are delighted for such a prestigious organization have come to this land for the development of physical, mental and scholarly accomplishment for the training given in Sainik Schools impacts the students in shaping their lives to rise as responsible residents of India and pioneers in various walks of life.

 Mr. Tsering Tashi the managing director and Mr. H. Tripathi the principal both being visionary, talks and walks the school’s vision and motto. 


  Our mission is to provide a safe learning with a welcoming atmosphere which creates a sense of belonging among families. To work together to build a safe and nurturing environment focused on maximizing each child’s sense of well-being and acquisition of skills for life and learning. We foster and enthusiastic, creative community of learners prepared to continue their intellectual, emotional and physical development.


We aim to provide high quality education, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning. Our vision is a community where all children feel loved, respect and encourage developing to their fullest potential.


The school comprises of 14 enthusiastic faculty members who are solely responsible for the quality and content of instructions in the school as well as classrooms. They at all times strive to promote the general purpose of the school and to achieve the objective. They provide the highest quality classroom instructions toward the attainment of the goals of the school, department and the courses. They recognize the individual needs of students and provide challenging learning opportunities for all learners.


With an area of 39734 sqs.mtr. The school infrastructure comprises of some well-ventilated and spacious classrooms. Three playgrounds viz. volleyball, basketball and football ground, a library and well-equipped labs, study hall with study tables, chairs and all the basic utilities. Auditorium and assembly hall. Hostels include five dormitories that accommodate 66 students and well maintained sanitation facilities.


Adding to the academic strength, the number of students currently studying in the school is 302. Every year, fresh students are admitted in various classes who are particularly strong in curiosity, love of learning and perseverance while some are strongest in kindness, humility and fairness. The school provides a loving and caring environment which enables students and staff alike to grow holistically and feel accepted. No one is left behind as everyone is offered a genuine helping hand.


An exemplified by wide range of subjects on offer at our school, the sharing expertise and transmission of knowledge are a tradition we have always treasured. At Tawang Public School we respect the different levels of our students’ competence while at the same time we strongly encourage and support each student to exploit his/her full potential.


With everyone’s help, and guidance of Sainik School Society our school enjoys a clean and safe environment. We constantly and continuously endeavor to respect and protect the very space which allows us to learn as we believe that every little thing counts.